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Job Description:JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for the initial inspection and surveillance of commercial type aircraft undergoing maintenance and repair. ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Comply with initial inspection of commercial type aircraft using customer provide work instructions. 2. Inspect and accept or reject all required inspection items and non-routine work accomplished on commercial type aircraft. 3. Inspect aircraft and components utilizing special tooling and equipment. At least two N.D.T disciplines. 4. Perform weight and balance functions on commercial type aircraft and complete calculations. 5. Audit aircraft maintenance work packages. 6. Sign logbook airworthiness release. 7. Inspect and report findings on facility inspections. 8. Adhere to safe maintenance practices and keep work area clean. 9. Maintain work performed on O.J.T. forms for the training department. 10. Successfully complete any training courses deemed necessary by supervision. 11. Perform any work that may be assigned by his or her lead or supervisor. JOB SPECIFICATIONS: Component Replacement, Hydraulic component replacement, Air conditioning component replacement, Pneumatic component replacement, Engine component replacement, Basic hydraulic systems (operations), Basic Flight Control Systems, Landing Gear Servicing, Basic Troubleshooting, Tire/Brake Change Procedures, Galley Installation, Engine Starter Removal/Install, Cargo Conversion, Cockpit Window/Windshield Replacement, Entry Door Slide Removal/Replacement, Brake Rider/Aircraft Towing, Power plant Removal/Replacement Assistant, Main fuel control adjustment, Engine Trim Procedures, Knowledge of all aircraft manuals & related materials, Knowledge of ATA codes; Knowledge of all applicable F.A.R.'s and company policies and procedures; Knowledge of all paperwork procedures including job cards/time cards, routine/non-routine cards, S.R.M.'s, service bulletins, and work sign-off procedures. WORKING ENVIRONMENT: SUPERVISION: Under General Direction. Normally performs duties after receiving general instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired results. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS: A high level of interpersonal skills is required to maintain an effective relationship with co-workers and supervision. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: Requires easy mobility around various sections of aircraft. Requires mental skills and quickness with the ability to cope with stress and intense effort fort or exertion usually caused by long working hours. Working environment requires standing 90% of the work day on hard surfaces. Must be able to lift 25 pounds and report to work regularly. JOB QUALIFICATIONS: EDUCATION: A & P License required. EXPERIENCE: Five (5) years minimum experience in heavy commercial and or military maintenance and/or six months skill level 3 mechanic. Recorded training on at least three (3) type aircraft. Minimum two (2) years inspection experience.
Education:High Schools Diploma or GED required. A&P License required
Date Posted:5/13/2020
Closing Date:Until Filled

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